Monday, February 20, 2012

Leopard Print Pants

So, I have this pair of leopard print pants that I love, but never seem to wear. Every time I put them on I do that girlie thing where I think as soon as they are on my body I have ballooned 4 sizes up. I know it is all in my head and that I am going to just have to go for it, but I want to make sure that when I do I have coordinated them nicely so that I am feeling as comfortable and confident as possible. So, I google searched for some inspiration: 

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I could work with a vintage feel to it and cinch my waist in with a belt. 

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(Below) Love this look with adding vibrant colors and using leopard as my neutral :) 
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Do you guys have any other tips or ideas for me? 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Shenanigans: NY Fashion Week Street Style Coverage

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To entirely frank with you, I think I enjoy the street style during fashion week just as much if maybe more than the runway shows. Because it's real people mixing and matching designers, wearing things in different ways, and transforming style into real life beyond the fantasy runway looks. Stylist always has wonderful coverage of Fashion Week Street Styles. These are just a few that jumped out to me :) I hope you like! 

I am absolutely LOVING the silk pant look. My mother made me a pair when I was very young and I loved them!!! Never knew this would come back into style :) Especially love the red stripe down the side of these. 

Don't know if you can see this detail, but take a look at the heel on her wedges, its all in the details during fashion week people!  

I adore the vintage rocker tee over the button up shirt with tie! Original and quirky while working with traditional chic items. Also, if you will notice, her shirt is especially side is white and one side is black (take a look at her sleeves). Then she tops it all off with this divine coat!  

Color POP!

I don't really care for her coat, this color is in and you can judge me all you want for not being crazy about this latest burn orange trend, but it is just not me! 
But I had to post this picture because I am in love with her mint green pants and top!!!

Skirt Suit, very Parisian!  And I love how she combined this unique top with it just to spice things up. 

Ahhh Grace. The very fact that she doesn't do her hair and makeup while working in an industry obsessed with looks...well, it somehow makes her more interesting to me! You cant help but love her :) If you will notice her understated Chic-ness with the hot pink lining peaking out of her coat! Work it Grace! 

I could NEVER pull off white pants...too clumsy! I would be wearing my coffee down my crotch or something. In regular pants I would be fine and never spill but as soon as I put white on, my clumsy 8 year old comes out to play or something. Its hilarious and cruel at the same time. But I am loving her mint green top and her black leather jacket! 

Grey and Army Green with Fur. Playing with neutrals never looked so chic! J'Adore!

Am loving her stripped pants! At Fashion week, these pants are especially perfect! Also, this picture is fun because it shows people relaxing and having a sense of humor during fashion week!

Cobalt Blue with Emerald Green, ultra Chic! I am also loving her jewelry! All very classic and provides a delicate fashion nod to vintage style while still being relevant!  

Vibrant and Simple. Lovely! 

First I love her pants! Then I love her Hair! Then I love her top! And finally I realize I love her leather Jacket too!!! Wait, this look is awesome :) 

Miss Knowles looking lovely and chic!

Over sized pants that billow out! Uuuuper FUN! Also, loving the Bag! Her lips pop too because no other color matches them :) See fashion tip on the fly; can wear all neutrals and incorporate that pop of color with lips instead of buying a very expensive top or pants :) LOVE IT! 

Crisp cut Vibrance with Neutrals. 

Grey with Brown = Purrfection! She is adorable! But I want to steal her coat : ) HE HE HE! 

Pop of color with sparkles!

You can tell this Fashionista has a style all her own! I am LOVING IT! Want to go shopping with her, I feel like she would be able to pick out all of the things that would transform my style :) 

Tooo CUTE! 

Silk Pants! Couldn't miss these, love the color!

Holly Chic-ness! Vintage godess! LOVE her style. Just look at her shoes : ) 

Awesome Brown Coat! I still stick with one of my fashion tips that has never let me down, and that is; You can't go wrong with anything Brown, as long as it fits right! 

These are pink Jeans cut off! Love that they are boot cut and paired with grey :) 

J'Adore the Zeppelin tee. Especially love that she paired up with down= what does this mean you may ask...well she paired something that is dressed down, like a tee, with something that is upper dressy, like a fur coat! Loving the blend of opposites :)  

Adorable! Love this dress too! 

I think these are Tom Ford sunglasses, I could be wrong. But either way, they are lovely! 

What is a fashion week without Anna Dello Russo?!?!? 

The gay that makes me want to be a man in another life :) Brad is so adorable! It would be a dream to go shopping with him, it would probably transform the way I view fashion entirely! (sigh into my day dream). 

Crisp Coat. Loving this cut especially paired with ankle pants!

What don't I love about her style?!?! She is absolute perfection! 

Tavi wears something totally different and lovely. I am especially loving it combined with her coat!!!

Purr-FeC---TION! Makes me want to swoop up my girl friends and head to New York NOW! 

Oh my goodness, she is so chic you don't even notice she is pregnant until you take a closer look! This jacket hits the nail on the head! I want! 


Chic Cigarette Pants, they have a grey tuxedo stripe down the side. I have always LOVED that look! 

Pink with Grey! Cant go wrong!

Her coat is perfection! 

Couldn't take my eyes off this picture. At first it looks like she is wearing all black like so many people do at Fashion Week. But then you notice her shoes...her long top that sways in the wind behind her and then you notice her Burberry Leather Jacket! I would seriously give up hot tamales for this coat!!! And I LOVE hot Tamales :)

Adorable Hair!!! 

Chic! I am especially transfixed on  the girl with the peach skirt! Her makeup is lovely too! They are both adorable and look like they are having so much fun!

Make sure to bring your over sized purse to NY Fashion Week, because you are going to need everything in your arsenal! :)  

She somehow has managed to stick with the basic black pants with white top go-to. But transformed it in delicate ways. Leather Pants, textured white top and the coat with a unique cut! LOVE this because you cant go wrong!  She looks adorable! does this work?!?! I don't know but she made it happen. LOVELY!  

Love the colors and Love the coat!  

With Vintage Style you seriously cannot go wrong. In fact, I think that if I were to be invited to Fashion Week, I think I would sway towards this kind of Vintage style myself. It is classic and when you see a picture of yourself from Fashion Week 10-15 years down the road, you probably wont regret what you were wearing!  

Delicate pinks with neutrals :) Love it. I would have picked out a different coat, or gotten it in another color. But that is just me, and this is her and she is still perfectly adorable! 

Sometimes it is all in the overstated accessories! I would love to have gotten a shot of her jacket, this picture leaves me curious! :) 

Have a wonderful Sunday my Readers and Followers! Thanks for the Blog Love!