Friday, December 30, 2011

Ulyana Sergeenko, Spring 2012

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These looks are absolute perfection! Can you tell that the holiday's bring out the side of me that loves everything vintage or vintage inspired?!?! I am loving the colors, the winged eye liner, the hat!!! oh my goodness! I have never heard of this designer before this and am now completely mesmerized! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lady Gaga and her Memories

Wonderful Lady Gaga short video. I think its the fashion lover and therapist in me that loves this video at the same time! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3.1 Phillip Lim SS12

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Absolutely LOVING these pastel color mixes that are so chic this season. They have almost a neon like quality because they are bright but still within the pastel color pallet. Major fashion inspiration for me!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

To my dearest readers....this blogging journey has been an incredibly positive experience for me. I enjoy playing and sharing but mostly I enjoy all of the positive comments you leave. This experience for me has surprisingly turned into a new way to connect with people, a new way for me to reach out. Thank you for the positive and encouraging feedback! Thank you for becoming a Follower and for Reading! Your support has made this journey an incredible one where I have proven to myself that I can do this! More wonderful things to come in 2012. Please feel free to send me any comments, suggestions, query's, concerns or otherwise at:
I hope the Holiday finds you healthy and happy with your loved ones! Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

D2 Woman's Ice Skating Pump

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Shut the front door!!! I think this is absolutely Brilliant. They are on sale for $1,137.00 (40% off), which I do not have....but if I did I might think about buying a pair of these puppies! This is TOTALLY something my inner 6 year old is loving right now, which makes them Shenani-worthy : ) What a fun winter accessory, now lets see which celeb attempts this fun and bold fashion item...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Look of the Day

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This is a fashion blogger with style! Loving this skirt and her top would go with everything! Check her out! Her blog has become incredibly successful and wildly popular.  

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Navy Blue One-tone Suit

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I am absolutely LOVING navy blue this season! I have also been keeping my eye out for a one-tone suit for a while. This one is perfect!!! These leopard print platform stilettos definitely finish off the look too! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Maybe because I absolutely LOVE Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, but this video is absolutely adorable! And I think it really shows off how Lady Gaga can sing, sometime's I think her songs don't show that off as much as they could. Musical genius and I am in LOVE with Gaga's dress! :) Perfect for the video with lace flowing over her hands and the see through effect with the lighting! Wonderful :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

High-Waisted Skirts

This look is incredibly popular this season and for many reasons. I have a few vintage skirts that fit high on my waist, they are always in style for me! This look is timeless, classic and traditionally compliments any woman's physique. You cant go wrong!!!

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Shenanigans

Hello to my absolutely wonderful readers and followers! I hope you are enjoying a very lovely Sunday! Here are some pictures for your entertainment for no other reason other than fashion inspiration. I hope this holiday season you get the chance to be creative in expressing yourself. I also hope you get to make memories for your favorite dress, or those wonderful warm boots. So that every time you put them on you remember where they have taken you and what you have created in them. Maybe you will go on a horse and carriage ride in a new pair of pants that you love. Or meet the man of your dreams at a party wearing your new favorite lipstick color. Enough of my daydreaming....lets make memories and create some good times!

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 LOVING over sized knit sweaters this season. They make you look so cozy wherever you wear them and I'm sure you feel cozy too! 

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Love pops of red. This vintage lock box is a wonderful gift for your vintage loving friend! Something she will keep FOREVER :)

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Loving the layering she has going on. Boots with a skirt and then a long jacket with a scarf to top it all off. Proportion perfection! 

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Feather skirt with a fluffy over sized cardigan...Love it! 

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No need to put those favorite shorts away for the winter. Just later on some leggings or stockings and put on some boots...

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Absolutely love this vintage style dress. Don't be afraid to bring your favorite vintage items out to play, the holiday season is the best time! 

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I have no idea what she is wearing, but this is proof. You just have to wear it and own it! And then you will look fabulous! 

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I would DIE for this ensemble!!! uhhhhhhhh.....

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Fashion tip: You can purchase those jackets with unusual cuts, just make sure they accentuate your shape well and keep them in the neutral color pallet so that they can remain an unusual but timeless piece for you. Then they are worth the investment! 
Love how her skirt flows out from underneath! 

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I think in one of my past lives I dressed like this and went to wonderful parties! I just love the luxurious vintage style! 

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What do I like about this picture? The question is more like, what dont I LOVE about this picture?!?! OMGosshhhh! Fash-gasm!

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Feeling frumpy in your winter layers? Just add some knee high boots and a waist cinching belt over a jacket and you are set my dear! Tres Chic! 

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These women look so comfortable and chic at the same time. Like they are ready to take on the world with little effort! 

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Mix and match some neutrals + some kick butt boots and you are set my darling! 

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Shut..... cannot even finish my statement...having fashion heart palpitations!!! uuuhhhhh....

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Daphne Guinness collaborates with MAC Cosmetics

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Daphne Guinness and MAC's Senior Vice President and Creative Director, James Gager interview about the new line they have created together. Daphne's ever changing make up style is applaud-able as it is always different and she somehow always hits the mark with such perfect grace. In this interview they talk about how Daphne painted with water colors in order to develop and play with the shades she was attempting to create. They also talk about how many times it is the moments that you spend getting ready before a party that can be the very best part of your evening, which if you are like me, is so true! To read the entire Stylelist interview click here:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Elizabeth Taylors Jewelry Collection up for Auction

We have probably all heard about the Hollywood Icons regal jewelry collection. Well it is being auctioned off at Christie's and items are being sold for over 3 times the estimated value. I'm sure the fact that they belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, America's sweetheart, has something to do with it! 

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This is one of the most iconic items Elizabeth Taylor was given from her late husband, Actor Richard Burton. These Emerald and Diamond jewels are Bvlgari, which was one of Elizabeth Taylor's absolute favorite jewelry designers. 

Here is the Elizabeth's Iconic 33.19 carat diamond ring: (A gift from Richard Burton)
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Kim Kardashian repordedly spent about 65K on Elizabeth's Jewelry. I guess she is a fan!!!
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sylvio Giardina's Out of this World 2012 Collection

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This collection is so amazingly modern it is blowing my mind and making me want to watch alien abduction documentaries. Is that weird? It is...I know!