Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation Time

Hello My WONDERFUL Blog followers,
I am sorry I have not posted for a while. I have been on a little vacation in Southern California with my partner in crime (aka boyfriend Matt).
More to come when I get back this week. Including wonderful blog entires about my favorite Vintage/Antique Shop in all of Sacramento! I was lucky enough to meet with the owner the last time I was in, and met a wonderful young woman that makes these amazing one of a kind necklaces from vintage items that glitter and shine. Wonderful things to come...stay tuned!
I hope you are having a fabulous week! Muah : )  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grace Coddington in all her Slendor!

This woman is the epiphany of a fashion icon! 
Born in Wales, her obsession with Vogue began in her early teens. At 17 years old she won the young model section of the Vogue model competition. Then at 26, was in a tragic accident which left her disfigured and without an eyelid. After undergoing reconstructive surgery Grace was ready to take on the Fashion world! Just two years after the accident she was hired to be Junior Editor at Brittish Vogue. Grace served for 19 years as the Photo Editor at Brittish Vogue. 
Grace then moved to the BIG APPLE to work for Calvin Klein. Then in 1988 she joined Anna Wintour at American Vogue where she has served ever since, as the Creative Director.
Grace's Book that is currently posted on Amazon for approximately $4,000 new. Not sure if this is correct! Because OMG! photo from:
You can get a little glimpse into Graces world if you watch the September Issue, which highlights the tension between Grace and Anna.
photo from:
Grace is a beautiful woman but has the oddest quality to her which I find fascinating and intriguing. She has the ability to style the models for Vogue shoots with taste that blogs the competition out of the water, a quality Vogue Magazine has been know for for quote some time. But when it comes to dressing and styling herself, she seems to fall short and present that she might be incapable. How can this woman with such a charisma with fashion dress so bland? I like to think that it is her work that comes before her and that is the focus for Grace...To make others beautiful. but I cant help but wonder...Why not herself? Is she not worthy?
photo from: 
photo from:
She is so seemingly sweet and delicate while being in such a powerhouse position in the fashion industry. I want to know her and get her started in talking about herself and then... just listen!
It is said that Grace lives with her partner and about 9 cats. photo from:
Grace can often be seen swarmed by her fiery red hair, which she lets go Au-natural. photo from:
Anna Wintour, Mark Jacobs and Grace. photo from:
Grace on the Cover of the 1962 British Vogue in her Modeling heyday! photo from:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Vacation and fun and sunny I come!

Today was my last day at work for just over a week. Lets just say that I am ready to get some sun, to read my book I have been trying to finish forever and spend some time with my honey on the beach. I've been working on:Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and ImpulsivenessWhich is a REALLY good book by the way if you are into Biopsychology or Psychopharmacology, which I totally nerd out on!!! 
But tonight in my sleep when I dream of the days to come it might look a little something like this:
photo from:
P.S. I have a post or two coming soon that you will love! I visited my favorite Vintage/Antique shop this morning and talked with some of the gals who run the place, and meet the owner. Stay tuned...Good stuff!

Fashion Inspiration for a lovely Day!

I love this Photo, I love the fashion, the red lips and the accessories are to die for! Super fun! Proof that its all in the details! Photo from:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

photo from:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Shopping Tip

If it doesn't make the skinny mannequin look even skinnier, then it probably wont serve you well in the shape department!

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Burberry Obsession!

This jacket gives me heart palpitations! OMG! Can I please have it now? Thank you! : )
Burberry behind the scenes picture from:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Italian Vogue embraces its curves

Vogue dedicated its June issue to plus sized models, or curvy models. (Please forgive me as I know the terminology is being questioned and what is appropriate is currently being redefined. Thanks to Queen Latifa standing up and questioning the norm. Which I always encourage.)
I cant help but notice this pleasant acceptance of more curvacious women that is slowly leaking itself into the fashion industry and spreading like wild fire. Almost to the point now where if you have something against more curvy models, that this judgement reflects badly upon you.
We all know that Beth Ditto was welcomed to sing and rock the runway at Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring/Summer show. And Vogue's Italian Editor, Franca Sozzani, has been a major advocate in helping 
to spread this acceptance within the fashion industry. She is using 
her powers for good in more ways than one... She started an online 
column called Curvy and has been a public figure in battling the 
acceptance of models being anorexic or too thin.
I don't know about you, but I sincerely think that these women 
exude a certain sensuality and femininity that thin models simply are not capable of. They wear the clothes, the clothes don't wear them... 

Love it!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Helena Bonham Carter Models for Marc Jacobs

Helena has always been a woman with a fashion sense all her own! And that is precicely what I adore about her, and it sounds like Marc Jacobs might feel the same way. Here she is posing for Juergen Teller's camera. She looks fabulous and I think can serve as a wonderful fashion inspiration for the day. Follow your fashion style and you will always end op on top! You might not end up being a model for Marc Jacobs, will be a fashion winner! (I feel silly saying this because of all the retarded hype from Charlie Sheen! But none the less...there it is : ) By the way, this dress is perfection Mr. Jacobs! We approve like little school girls given candy on a Sunday afternoon! YAY! (not sure what that means but I hope you follow my drift!)

photo from:

Monday, June 13, 2011

They Key to Happiness is to choose Happiness!

photo from:

Emma Stone covers Elle Magazine for July

photo from: I adore Emma Stone. She is witty and beautiful, sassy and has charisma oozing out her ears. But I have to say that I am a little disappointed in the Elle Magazine Editors. While I know that Emma looks very different with her new blonde locks, in this picture she almost doesn't look like herself. When I first looked at this cover, I thought this was Elle Fanning. I hate to see that Magazines are trying to make such beautiful women so perfect that they end up touching them up and changing a little here, a little there and at the end, the models don't even look like themselves! The unique beauty has become generic. With this cover, I think they did something to her eyes, which is a bad move because that is her major signature facial feature. Emma, I have to admit, even Photoshopped to death, you still look great! You go girl!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hello my loyal followers. All 15 of you : )! I am looking into new ideas to help spread the word about my blog and putting ideas together to make improvements. I will be taking more of my own pictures, and sharing a little bit more about who I am in order to make this a more personal experience. I am also putting together a Revolve Clothing Boutique where you can visit to see some fashion items that I own or would love to own (coming up in a few weeks). Many new and improved things to come and I hope to make my blog a wonderful virtual location where you can come to relax and indulge. If you have any requests or ideas, please let me know. I am open! In the mean time, I thank you for your help in spreading the word about my blog. And I hope your Sunday is a beautiful one!!!
Perfect Sunday Hair Style, Funky, Fresh and easy! Count on Gwen!!! photo from:
This is Jada Pinkett-Smith at the BET Awards looking AH-MA-ZING! Super fun half up-do! Totally shows off her beautiful bone structure. photo from:
Like Mother like Daughter! Freaking Awesome look! Loving it! photo from:
This is a really old picture of Shakira, but I have to post it because I absolutely LOVE her hair here! Hopefully she had a stylist do this one, or her wrists would be super strong from all that twisting. If you would like to replicate this style, make sure you have the right product and a helpful friend! photo from:
This picture is cut off funny. Sorry folks. But what cool and easy hair styles on these models. You could probably just take a shower at night, put in some product and let it naturally dry and then braid and touch up the front randomly with a curling iron to smooth or not! And this disheveled look is so in, I think thanks to the Olsen twins. photo from:
And saving the best for last....

This is one of my favorite Bloggers, her blog is all about her own fashion style and it is awesome! Check it out (click link). Photo from:

Another Heart Palpitation Thanks to Burberry

photo from:
Freaking awesome Leather Jacket!!! I cant help but think that this is going to be a truly timeless piece! =Good Investment...And I LOVE how Anja she paired this with a neutral and flowing feminine dress and some kick ass boots! Perfection!
Check out the Blog that is linked below this picture! It is amazing!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kristin Chenoweth in a Miguelina Dress at CMT Movie Awards

I absolutely Adore Kristin Chenoweth! She is spunky and always seems to have her amazing smile on her face. Her red carpet fashion moments are amazing and the woman never seems to have a bad hair day! And so, tonight I hope this fashion moment gives you inspiration. Wear your smile proud, you are never fully dressed without it. And make your night fabulous!

Both photos above are from:

Vintage Swimwear

Swimwear with Vintage cuts are so very on trend this summer season. I have seen suits with vintage cuts at JCPenny's, online at Modcloth, and other locations. If shopping this look; one-piece suits are perfect, or if your looking for a two piece, ab-bearing suit, full sized bottoms with hip accentuating coverage is always a good choice. Tops that accentuate your female curves are always a plus, but make sure to keep it classy San Diego! There is always a delicate balance between classy and trashy when it comes to bathing suits. Have some fun in the sun my Shenani-followers!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Modernized LBD

If I had it my way, this is what I would be wearing today. (for what its worth, I would also be as thin as this model too, if I really want to entertain the idea of having it my way). I am at a Grief Counseling Conference today, so something in my gutt tells me this might be a leetle too risque. I am still dressed fabulous, just a little more....covered up!
I love the lines to this dress! Very chic and modern. You would probably feel like you are wearing practically nothing. I would wear this dress with edgy, thick, winged eye liner. Hair pulled up in a funky bun. And some kick ass heels. YAY! 

This dress is $230.81 at ASOS.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


It is kind of rainy here in Sacramento, and I have been loving this Spring/Summer rainy weather. There is something about unpredictable weather that makes me feel like a kid again, ready for what the weather is going to surprise me with next. And I cant help but reflect with the changing weather, and the changing season about how much I have changed this winter season. A while back I was just generally in a bad place within myself. I was upset about a lot of things that I really didn't know how to make peace with. With this change of season I have refocused my every day thoughts, it is still hard work but is getting easier by the day. I pay attention to the negative thoughts and judgements and ask myself how they are serving me? Usually...they aren't serving me very well. And so, I let them go, in peace. Mostly the tough negative thoughts that come up are the judgements I have for myself (we all have them, ladies especially I think). I cant help but notice in the 21st century, that we have bought into the thought process that if you love yourself it is somehow incorrect, or you will just be waiting for someone to come along and prove you wrong. (At least this is the consensus between my closest friends and I). And so, I have made a change. I practice every day...letting go of judgement and letting it go in peace. They NEVER serve me well, so why keep them around? I have noticed that I only judge others when I am judging myself 10X more harshly. And when I cant help but judge myself, I make sure I don't judge others and somehow the judgement I have for myself doesn't come around so much, and if it does, it is much less intense. I am in more control of it, rather than it being in control of me!
And so, if you have noticed, I will not make negative posts about someone or their fashion choices. "Why?" you ask? Because deep down I know that I am just doing my best every day. And I'm sure you are too! 
And with that in mind, I will leave you with a quote filled with wisdom: "We are all bozos on the same bus, so we might as well sit back and enjoy the ride." -Wavy Gravy (Clown/Activist)
Happy Sunday, I hope you get to include a little Shenanigan like behavior in your repertoire! And allow your judgements to fade away in peace...

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ADORABLE! photo from:
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thierry Mugler show with Lady GaGa

This video is AMAZING; And tickles my fashion fancy! BRILLIANCE! I think I watched this video about 3 or 4 times over. Mesmerizing!!!