Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I heart Rachel Zoe

I know this is an incredibly old episode, please forgive me, as I don't have a lot of time to watch television. But I had to share this Rachel Zoe episode. She has a major fashion job styling Anne Hathaway for the Oscars. It is just so sweet how they dote over all of the dresses. And I absolutely LOVE the lingo they use to describe how much they love something..."I gag." -Rachel Zoe

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker Moment

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I have no idea who SJP is wearing or where she is...but one thing I know for sure! When the girl turns it on, she really hits the nail on the head! I die for this outfit!!! The coat takes my breath away, the dress peeping out...absolute perfection! The clutch, incredible and unique. And the shoes to finish it all off, ah-ma-ing! She looks beautiful on top of it all, the hair and makeup she has down to a fine art! Absolutely Lovely

Monday, November 28, 2011

Vogue Germany

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I am in LOVE with this photo shoot. It is inspiring me to keep my flowers in my hair all the way through the winter season, why not?!?! The photography is amazing, I am loving how the blur almost fades you out of the picture and directs your eyes in a sweet and bossy way. With photography, they have told us where to look, delicately brilliant! Crimson lips...they keep coming up in my blog entries :) Wonderful Fashion Spread from Germany Vogue! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Shenanigans

Fashion Photo's for the sake of visual entertainment. Happy Sunday!

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Am loving the big coat with gloves! 
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I know these shoes are from a few seasons ago. But that doesn't make them any less beautiful to me :) J'Adore Dior!

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I am LOVING the whole idea of subtle color variations in one ensemble. I have been playing a lot with variations of Gray because you really cant screw it up. I think this makes your ensemble match so much so that you can put items that don't match in texture or style and yet your outfit will still all seem to work. Super fun! 
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Or you can play with style and choose abstract items but keep them classic and timeless by choosing neutral colors. Love these outfits!
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Just play with a little sparkle and some rockin' lip color and you are ready for the Holiday season! 
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Pulling inspiration from Chanel is always a good idea. I love the shape of this top piece the model is wearing. And...another wonderful representation of staying within the same color family. Lovely and sweet!
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Or you can take inspiration from other cultures. Some believe that this is offensive and insulting to recreate looks from other cultures. I believe it pays tribute and keeps them relevant-most of the time. As long as it is done with a manor respect and you are not making fun of, then you should be okay. 
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Playing with texture is always a good idea, especially around the Holiday season. I love the idea of playing with feathers and keeping a cinched waist so that you don't look too thick. Fun! Fun!
I thank you for reading and hope you become a follower soon. Enjoy a Sunday filled with Shenanigans!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

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I hope this Thanksgiving you get the chance to look around the table and think about the idea of losing every single person you sit, I know you are probably thinking..."WTF Brooke?!?!" I truly believe in the power of living like it is your last day and many times we overlook this way of thinking because we get used to life as we know it. This Holiday I ask you to look at those you love and think about all of the wonderful things they have contributed to your life. I challenge you to live this Thanksgiving like it might be your last. They say that we don't realize what we have until we lose it, but there is a sweetness in capturing this awareness while you are still here, while you still have them. Tomorrow is never promised and I think this thought is what can truly and honestly create a feeling of thankfulness! I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving! And I thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner of the world wide web. This blog is an incredible adventure for me and I love every minute! Thank you for visiting, thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and thank you for becoming a Follower! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Leopard Print Pants

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So...I have these leopard print pants at home and have not worn them yet. THEY ARE ADORABLE! I am determined to wear them somewhere, but I feel like they belong at a concert or at some wild event. I need to just get over it and wear them in an easy and chic way like this model above. Wish I could wear them as well as her though! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Beauty & the Street: Overcoming Insecurity

I have been feeling a! Lately and came across this blog: What a lovely entry, she expresses such complex feelings so simply :) Love it! 

Beauty & the Street: Overcoming InsecurityEveryone feels some sort of insecurity at one point or another in their lives, it's simply part of the human experience. However, it becomes a major problem when one begins to question themselves on a regular basis or compare themselves to other people's accomplishments and even physical appearance. Throw in a healthy does of negative self-talk and you've got a recipe for disaster. Millions of young women across the nation suffer from this terrible mental state and it can be very debilitating. I know this feeling all too well.
Since I was a young fawn I have always been introverted--the meek type who would rather sit in the corner and play with barbie by myself than build blocks with my classmates. Overtime my shyness grew out of control to the point where I barely even spoke to strangers which carried into my awkward tween years. During that time I had no choice but to speak up though deep down I really wanted to crawl into a hole and stay there. In the blink of an eye my peers were getting older and becoming more social while I regressed in that department.
Eventually timidness bloomed into low confidence and self-doubt leaving me with nothing but my heart on my sleeve and a pessimistic outlook on life. According to the voice in my head I was never beautiful, intelligent, or stylish enough to get involved with the world so I figured hey, why not stay away from it? The more I stayed alone with my thoughts the worst they became. No matter how much my friends tried to convince me that I was indeed special, nothing made me believe such a claim. I wallowed in pity as this beautiful journey called life just passed me by.
Then one day a little birdy threw a rock at my head and I got a sudden epiphany. Instead of beating myself up everyday for not being the braniac on Jeopardy or one of the pretty popular girls I began to celebrate the things I do possess that I'm proud of. Writing down lists of what I am grateful for every day as well as telling myself I am gorgeous made me realize that things weren't as bad as I made it out to be. As cheesy as it sounds beauty does shine from within. As long as that is glowing everything else will too. No one is perfect of course and I am still a work in progress. Like everything else overcoming insecurity takes time but you will get there and when you do it'll feel oh so sweet.
Ever felt insecure? How did you get over it? Tell us your story below!

Check out this blog that I came across:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Marc Jacobs entire 2012 Collection STOLEN

Apparently the entire Spring/Summer 2012 Marc Jacobs Collection was stolen en route from Paris to London from a train! The 46 look collection consisted of drop-waist skirts, and cellophane coctail dresses with translucent and tinsel fabrics. Incredibly tragic!!!
Here is a little peak:
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p.s. The look in the middle is absolutely to DIE for! I am doing to try to replicate it in my own way from my items in my closet! Lovely color! 

Holiday Decoration Ideas

This season most of my money is going towards my graduate loans, which doesn't leave much left for presents and decorations. But, with a little creativity and sass my holiday season is going to be merry and bright! Here are a few ideas I am going to try: 

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One key ingredient to DIY Holiday decorations without looking too cheesy or craft store like, is to bring the outside in. You can take a drive up the mountain or go to your back yard and take some branches off a pine tree or two (say sorry to the tree and give it a kiss for hurting it). These branches will help to decorate your holiday mantle or various focal points in your chateau. But the idea is to keep a certain grace to your look with natural elements. 
This picture is also the perfect example of how you don't need red on every surface in order to decorate your home for the holidays! Pick a nice color or color combination and make your decorations color coordinate and you will have a lovely universal look.

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Another lovely example of bringing natural elements to a neutral decor will still bring in the feeling of the holidays without having to go overboard with color. Delicate and comfortable!

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Or you can bring the indoors outside to decorate a tree in your entry. I love this idea especially if you have trees or bushes lining your driveway or entry way. 

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It is important to use the candle light that you have in your home, this will create that cozy, intimate feeling in your space while the rain or snow comes down outside. I like to buy drip candles like these pictured above to color coordinate with my holiday decorations. Dont be afraid to work with dark colors like these black candles, but, word to the wise---make sure they are on a surface that is safe to drip on, the dark wax can stain! ehhhh!

Another idea would be to change the light bulbs in your home to ones that will create a more warm glow rather than a clear light, it will create that soft illumination that we all love when it is cold outside. 
Decorate with PINECONES, this is super cheap if you can go out into nature and get them for free. 
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Make little trees with them. You can even sprinkle some glitter on them for a little extra flare that will glisten in the candle light. 

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Or you can make Christmas tree ornaments from them. You can spray paint them to coordinate with your decor, or leave them plain. I will be doing this DIY project this season; I will be using fishing line to tie them on the tree so that they seem to be a natural part of it and I will be spraying a little glue to them from the top down and them will drop very delicate glitter on them so that when the tree lights are on they will glisten. 

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I am in LOVE with this easy DIY idea. All you need is a simple candle and some lace or you could even work with a tulle. If you would like more of a vintage look you can dye the lace with tea and then tear it up a little bit. All you need is a little spray glue to attach. Perfection! This is definitely on my DIY project list! 

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I am in LOVE with this name tag idea for a dinner place setting. I would hot glue gun them together in the middle and then tie them with a little burlap bow! DONE! 

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Speaking of Candy Canes...this is happening on my mantle this year! For sure! I love this idea because it is inexpensive, quick and easy! Get an old vase or a cup would do too...line up the candy canes around the vase with a rubber band. Then tie a bow around the rubber band to hide it. You can also do this with stick candy canes. 
I love this idea so much I am going to do this with candles too! 

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I have a few old glass containers like this that I use for vases all the time (thrift store finds). I love this idea of putting some Epsom salt at the bottom because it will keep the flame safe from tinsel or other highly flammable items and the salt with shimmer in the candle light. Really good idea to line these up in your entry way. 
Well these are some of the DIY projects that I will be doing this season. Pictures to come. I hope you enjoy decorating as much as I do this season! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter Street Style

I went to a comedy club the other night for my Boyfriends, brother- Rion's Birthday. (Happy Birthday Rion!)...And found myself wondering what to wear in the cold weather, my quick go-to decision's are no longer warm enough and pants didn't go with different boots and then a top wouldn't coordiate with any pants. I was having a hard time and thought I needed some fashion inspiration to help me shop my own closet this season. Here is some inspiration, I hope it helps you shop your closet a little more joyfully this season too!
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I like her easy sense with this style. For Winter weather you just need long sleeves on the sweater and you could even pair boots with the pants if needed. Easy and chic!
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Ahh, the classic trench! Will NEVER go out of style. I love th idea of wearing it in such a relaxed yet chic fashion (view left picture). And rolling up the sleeves (right picture).
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Black Boots and a Black furr...Styling!
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This girl is so incredibly chic! LOVING her bag! Loving her gloves! Loving her coat!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pretty Hair

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I am in love with this look, as the more popular it becomes the more messy it gets! I love the ease of braiding my hair during the winter, otherwise, it will get caught in your zippers or wrapped up in your scarf. So, the idea of having a braid with attitude is just awesome to me! Cant wait to try this myself, will report back. FYI, I also like to add in extensions to my braids. This allows me to play with colors and length! Super fun!