Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter Street Style

I went to a comedy club the other night for my Boyfriends, brother- Rion's Birthday. (Happy Birthday Rion!)...And found myself wondering what to wear in the cold weather, my quick go-to decision's are no longer warm enough and pants didn't go with different boots and then a top wouldn't coordiate with any pants. I was having a hard time and thought I needed some fashion inspiration to help me shop my own closet this season. Here is some inspiration, I hope it helps you shop your closet a little more joyfully this season too!
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I like her easy sense with this style. For Winter weather you just need long sleeves on the sweater and you could even pair boots with the pants if needed. Easy and chic!
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Ahh, the classic trench! Will NEVER go out of style. I love th idea of wearing it in such a relaxed yet chic fashion (view left picture). And rolling up the sleeves (right picture).
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Black Boots and a Black furr...Styling!
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This girl is so incredibly chic! LOVING her bag! Loving her gloves! Loving her coat!


Fash Boulevard said...

this outfit is perfection. you're gorgeous. i've always wanted to go to a comedy club, but I'm always terrified they're gonna call me out. lol. lame, I know. super excited I stumbled across your blog. totally following. If you get second, I'd love if you'd check out mine. It's all about the adventures of a east coast girl turned LA stylist. thanks, love. xo

Brooke said...

Hello Fash Boulevard, Your Blog is ah-mazing. Following now :) Readers must check it out!
The comedy club was SO fun! and we got the chance to totally embarrass my boyfriends brother because we made enough noise that they called him on stage! It was SO funny because he likes to be quiet and inconspicuous :) Thanks for following darling! Blog love! xo