Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fur Real Rocker Chic

     Source: Uploaded by user via Mani on Pinterest

I crave a moment like this! A powerful, grab life by the horns, I

can take on the world moment! An, I eat fear for breakfast kind of

moment... a don't cross me moment with a sweet finish to it!

With shoes that you cant help but strut your stuff in effortlessly 

and with a seeming perfection that others can taste and feel! 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Makes me miss Paris!

Paris is a living breathing being that I fell in love with at first sight. Just as New York plays a character role in Sex and the City, having its own mood, personality and too does Paris in my life. And when I think of Paris, it is fashion like this, women like this, and incredible moments of perfection like this that continue to remind me of my love! Such a moment, and a moment like this every woman should have. This is Ulyana Sergeenko, what a moment she has created for herself! When will you create your moment? 

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fashion Blogger look of the Day

Photo Courtesy of: 5inchandup
I have always been absolutely in love with the idea of contradiction in fashion. Call me sentimental, but I think that it speaks beyond just what you choose to wear in the morning...and isn't that what fashion is all about?!?! Expressing what we would like to say about ourselves without words. 
When I read a good book, the moments that I fall in love with are the ones where the author allows us to fill in the gaps, where they leave enough room in the story for us to fill in with our own imagination as if they are trusting us to tell a part their very own, very personal journey. 
Well this is what contradiction is for me in fashion. It leaves gaps, gaps that leave you thinking and wondering and creating your own story about me, my life and what I am all about. 
In fashion these sentimental contradictions of leather and lace, of rocker chic with elegance allow us to write these gaps for others, it allows them to build a story.  

All photos from:
For inspiration the above photo's are from one very famous fashion blogger. Check her out by following the link above.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Own It

My friends like to tell me that I "pull things off." I like to say that I choose what makes me smile, own my look and GO FOR IT! Dont let the judgement, jealousy and fear of others limit your self expression. Wear what speaks to you, what makes you smile, and what brings you special memories or joy! Its women like this who own the world! Find what speaks to you and don't dip your toes in the shallow end, just dive : ) 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

When I sleep...this is what I dream!

I absolutely LOVE this look! She is easy breezy, on point with the graphic flower print not to mention her accessories are minimal and purfection! I sleep to dream and my dreams take me to New York fashion week!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beyond the Blog

As I return to refocus my efforts this blog that is so near and dear to my heart and my passion that is fashion...I realized that I would like to accomplish a second life long goal (beyond starting my blog). I would like to write a book! 
And so the research begins! 
I will update you on my progress and will let you all know when it will be available for sale. Any tips, favorite looks, or ideas you might like included? I am open for ideas and love input from my fashion forward followers. 
Thanks for keeping up. Please help spread the Shenani-Word! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Inspirational items I lust for

Friday, July 26, 2013

PM Alter Ego

PM Alter Ego

Polite during the day, she smiles, says things like thank you and please. But once the sun sets, all bets are off and this little honey tells it like it is. Bitter party of one, she has a chip on her shoulder and is ready to make the night hers. To make memories, to kiss strangers, dance in the street and let loose. The words fall from her mouth like silk, so honest and on point. Some think she cuts to the heart of it a little too brashly, but most find her honesty refreshing and inspiring. She owns the night. This belongs to her!

PM Alter Ego by brookiedarling featuring black wedge shoes

Monki t shirt
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A|Wear black wedge shoes
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Forever 21 purse

Kelly wearstler jewelry

Engraving bracelet

Adjustable bracelet
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Gathering Eye skeleton bracelet
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Bracelet jewelry

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Iphone case

Black lipstick

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Style

My look has always consisted of a blend of looks that contradict each other; feminine-sporty, bohemian-rocker, classic vintage-modern chic, buttoned up-relaxed and easy. Life is not defined in black and white, it does not follow a precise compass; it is messy and wild and free. 
And so, I allow these looks...these feelings to battle inside of me. Sometimes they battle and from one day to the next my fashion will transition, other times the seasons guide this dance. Do not allow one style, one mold to proclaim your creativity and the way that you show you to the world. Do not limit yourself to one way of expression, for you are too dynamic and lovely to limit yourself to one path. 
Live many lives in one! 
Life is messy...I always attempt welcome its invitation when it asks me to get messy back! 
Stay true and don't be afraid to be the most dynamic version of you

Monday, July 22, 2013

Style...According to RZ

"Style is sort of the best way to say who you are without having to speak." -Rachel Zoe
Photo Courtesy of:
Rachel is famous for her gowns, her one shoulder dresses, flared jeans, accessories and her boho-Chic Style. I think its lovely that a fashion stylist, while keeping up with the trends and the ever changing fashion world has remained so true to what is timeless for her! 
Photo Courtesy of:
We all have a look that fits us, that expresses who we are without so much as a whisper from our lips. Maybe this look changes through the years as you grow to become a better version of yourself, but you might notice that hints of this style have remained classic for you. They have always expressed something about you and when you walk into a room filled with people, they can scream who you are aloud in mere seconds. That is fashion! 

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When in doubt...add a hat! 
She is never flaunting her body and somehow is always sexy in a subtle way that I just adore! 
Rachel is my fashion inspiration this season. I really hope you enjoy! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Maxi Summer Style

Source: via Erica on Pinterest

A Maxi dress is an incredible summer style item because you can dress it up with some heels, sexy makeup and the right accessories...or dress it down with some flip flops and throw it on over your bikini. Or with a black leather jacket and some eye liner you can rock it out! Loving this look and I really hope you get to enjoy this hippie chic style staple!
p.s. I wish I walked out of my door everyday with a feeling that whatever I was wearing made me want to spin like this! 

Absolutely LOVE the look of the floral print with the rocker edge. Beanie and Leather boots and she is set! 

Source: via Cara on Pinterest

I have always preferred my maxi's to be a little too long! 

Neon and See Through!?!?! Fashion Heart Palpitations!  

Friday, May 31, 2013

My Summer Style

This is my favorite summer shirt, I think I have worn it every weekend since I bought it. And this skirt I purchased at a warehouse sale in Southern California ages ago, it is my favorite! The skirt bubbles out and is so subtly colorful, it seems to go with everything! Enjoying the California Sun! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

White Summer Style

                                                       Source: via Mai Spy on Pinterest

Hippie Chic seems to never go out of fashion! It is dresses like this that you want to invest a little more money in, get them hemmed, pay for dry cleaning...whatever you have to do! Because you can dress it up, or dress it down, this baby will transition with you through the trends and could last you a life time!