Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Style

My look has always consisted of a blend of looks that contradict each other; feminine-sporty, bohemian-rocker, classic vintage-modern chic, buttoned up-relaxed and easy. Life is not defined in black and white, it does not follow a precise compass; it is messy and wild and free. 
And so, I allow these looks...these feelings to battle inside of me. Sometimes they battle and from one day to the next my fashion will transition, other times the seasons guide this dance. Do not allow one style, one mold to proclaim your creativity and the way that you show you to the world. Do not limit yourself to one way of expression, for you are too dynamic and lovely to limit yourself to one path. 
Live many lives in one! 
Life is messy...I always attempt welcome its invitation when it asks me to get messy back! 
Stay true and don't be afraid to be the most dynamic version of you

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