Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Shenanigans

Fashion Photo's for the sake of visual entertainment. Happy Sunday!

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Am loving the big coat with gloves! 
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I know these shoes are from a few seasons ago. But that doesn't make them any less beautiful to me :) J'Adore Dior!

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I am LOVING the whole idea of subtle color variations in one ensemble. I have been playing a lot with variations of Gray because you really cant screw it up. I think this makes your ensemble match so much so that you can put items that don't match in texture or style and yet your outfit will still all seem to work. Super fun! 
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Or you can play with style and choose abstract items but keep them classic and timeless by choosing neutral colors. Love these outfits!
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Just play with a little sparkle and some rockin' lip color and you are ready for the Holiday season! 
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Pulling inspiration from Chanel is always a good idea. I love the shape of this top piece the model is wearing. And...another wonderful representation of staying within the same color family. Lovely and sweet!
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Or you can take inspiration from other cultures. Some believe that this is offensive and insulting to recreate looks from other cultures. I believe it pays tribute and keeps them relevant-most of the time. As long as it is done with a manor respect and you are not making fun of, then you should be okay. 
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Playing with texture is always a good idea, especially around the Holiday season. I love the idea of playing with feathers and keeping a cinched waist so that you don't look too thick. Fun! Fun!
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Toks said...

Love this post!!!! Love your blog!!!

audrey marie said...

love that sparkly dress paired with the pink lips

Brooke said...

Thank you to Toks and Audrey Marie for the comments and for becoming followers. Welcome to the Shenani-team :)