Saturday, November 5, 2011

Winter Grey and My Love

She gently sips hot tea in a darkly lit cafe that seems to be
as old as time itself. Her furry companion she cannot name, for one name will never be good enough...and so she calls him simply, "My Love". In the corner the fire rages, bringing to the dimly lit cafe a gentle warmth and smokey smell. It rains outside and falls loudly on the cafe's tin roof. She smirks gently looking out the window. Soon the snow will come. Winter will be here and her world will look completely different, she wonders if she will be different too. She welcomes the white season with a gentle curiosity and a readiness for the unexpected. With her love by her side in the smokey, cozy cafe all is well. And so for a moment, so is she! -Brooke

Winter Grey and My Love

Zara top
$100 -

3 1 Phillip Lim grey coat
$3,828 -

Clemens en August zipper pants
£189 -

Acne platform booties
£384 -

GISELEGANNE sterling silver jewelry
£875 -

Zarah Voigt earrings
€227 -

Dreams Greets London face jewelry
£145 -

Kara by Kara Ross snake jewelry
£105 -

Deborah Pagani moonstone jewelry
$9,860 -

Gradient sunglasses
$165 -

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