Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Shenanigans

As the weather changes and the days get shorter we are finding ourselves reaching for those items left unloved in the back of our closets for a few months. To welcome in the new season I like to find some fashion inspiration, this can be finding those staple pieces that inspire an entirely new look, or using what you already have in a completely new way. Here for your Sunday pleasure is a little winter layering inspiration. Stay warm my readers. Thank you for becoming a follower! 
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When it comes to winter, especially when one lives in a bustling city, you cant go wrong with black. I love wearing black because I can spill coffee on myself and no one will be able to notice, very convenient for days when I am out and about all day and know I will not be home until late with many important things to do. Also because I am famous for being incredibly clumsy and spilling things every which-a-way! And the best part we all know about, is it is slimming and matches just about everything! 
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I am loving the idea of wearing a summer time dress with leggings and boots. Although I have not done the leg work to confirm that this type of ensemble would keep one warm enough in winter weather, but I will report back as we get a little further into the season. I must note this leather jacket! Express has a neutral leather jacket that I have fallen in love with and am currently saving up to purchase, it looks just like this one. I think that the important thing to note in pulling of this transitional look would be a nice warm coat and close toed boots! CRUCIAL! 
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I HAD to save the best for last! I am loving this look! It is so classic, in fact she almost looks like she just stepped out of a Guess clothing add with the black leather jacket and red lips! I always feel like red lips are so incredibly fancy and should be left for evening parties...I love that she is mixing red lips with everything else that seems to be easy (hair, jeans, shirt, etc.). Most inspiring to me as last season I bought this reduculously awesome red lip color from the Chanel counter and wore it all but 3 times that season. This season, I say "yay" to my Chanel! 
Okay, now I will go shopping in my own closet for all of my wonderful winter items left unnoticed for far too long! I LOVE WINTER! 


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i like your page and i am gonna follow the looks and the white one is my favorit

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I am now following your site as well! Thanks for the Blog Love!
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