Friday, November 4, 2011

Easy Chic

This top is a classic staple for me, it seems to go with everything and suits any occasion, got it at Bebe about a year ago and it is not going out of style for me any time soon. I love how the back swoops down just a little and it has delicate padding detail on the shoulders. These Billabong pants I found on sale at Pac Sun. They are a grey/brown khaki color that seem to go with everything. Plus, I love finding fashion items in places you would never normally think would have classic staple pieces. Mostly because I love to save a few bucks, but also because I cant resist the shopping expedition that presents an element of surprise. And I LOVE these Dolce Vita Stilettos. They have an edge that I just cant beat. And Voila, I am ready for date night with Margaritas, chips and salsa with my guy.
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