Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Helena Bonham Carter Models for Marc Jacobs

Helena has always been a woman with a fashion sense all her own! And that is precicely what I adore about her, and it sounds like Marc Jacobs might feel the same way. Here she is posing for Juergen Teller's camera. She looks fabulous and I think can serve as a wonderful fashion inspiration for the day. Follow your fashion style and you will always end op on top! You might not end up being a model for Marc Jacobs, but....you will be a fashion winner! (I feel silly saying this because of all the retarded hype from Charlie Sheen! But none the less...there it is : ) By the way, this dress is perfection Mr. Jacobs! We approve like little school girls given candy on a Sunday afternoon! YAY! (not sure what that means but I hope you follow my drift!)

photo from: cocoperez.com

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