Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grace Coddington in all her Slendor!

This woman is the epiphany of a fashion icon! 
Born in Wales, her obsession with Vogue began in her early teens. At 17 years old she won the young model section of the Vogue model competition. Then at 26, was in a tragic accident which left her disfigured and without an eyelid. After undergoing reconstructive surgery Grace was ready to take on the Fashion world! Just two years after the accident she was hired to be Junior Editor at Brittish Vogue. Grace served for 19 years as the Photo Editor at Brittish Vogue. 
Grace then moved to the BIG APPLE to work for Calvin Klein. Then in 1988 she joined Anna Wintour at American Vogue where she has served ever since, as the Creative Director.
Grace's Book that is currently posted on Amazon for approximately $4,000 new. Not sure if this is correct! Because OMG! photo from: amazon.com
You can get a little glimpse into Graces world if you watch the September Issue, which highlights the tension between Grace and Anna.
photo from: stealthisdesign.com
Grace is a beautiful woman but has the oddest quality to her which I find fascinating and intriguing. She has the ability to style the models for Vogue shoots with taste that blogs the competition out of the water, a quality Vogue Magazine has been know for for quote some time. But when it comes to dressing and styling herself, she seems to fall short and present that she might be incapable. How can this woman with such a charisma with fashion dress so bland? I like to think that it is her work that comes before her and that is the focus for Grace...To make others beautiful. but I cant help but wonder...Why not herself? Is she not worthy?
photo from: models.com 
photo from: myfashionlife.com
She is so seemingly sweet and delicate while being in such a powerhouse position in the fashion industry. I want to know her and get her started in talking about herself and then... just listen!
It is said that Grace lives with her partner and about 9 cats. photo from: fashionista.com
Grace can often be seen swarmed by her fiery red hair, which she lets go Au-natural. photo from: fashademic.blogspot.com
Anna Wintour, Mark Jacobs and Grace. photo from: graziadaily.co.uk
Grace on the Cover of the 1962 British Vogue in her Modeling heyday! photo from: cavigliascabinetofcuriosities.blogspot.com

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