Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Shenanigans

I have stumbled across a new designer that has me gasping for breath on the floor like a fish out of water. 
Which means "Treasure Chest" in Arabic, just opened a Flagship Store in Doha, Qatar. If you have not seen Qatar, look it up online, it is an amazing place! The designer is Lama El-Moatassem and she seems to be very in tune with the style of her own Middle Eastern Culture while keeping her International senses about her enough to translate her style into something completely ingenious and new. She studied in London and worked for a variety of Fashion Houses before breaking out to design her own line. And here are some of my favorites from her new Spring/Summer 2012 Collection: 

I absolutely love how the fabric delicately fades on this dress! 

This dress is so incredibly fun and vivacious! 

 I think I would wear this every day if I had my way. Pool side too! 

When I saw this dress....enter gasping for breath on the floor like a fish out of water moment! 

 All the bead work is hand done! Breathtaking! 

(Sigh in happiness) This color is awesome! And I love the cut, the bead work...everything about it really!

This one was the kicker for me. I schemed and actually looked into my savings account to see if I could spend every last dollar I have to my name just to buy it! FASHGASM! 

 I adore how the fabric drapes on this dress, it is totally new and still flattering! Fashion Brilliance if you ask me!!! It drapes into a cape in the back!!! (awww. I want! I want! I want!) Sorry inner child temper tantrum : )  (clear throat) I'm good! 

 Cobalt Blue Brilliance! 


 I would die for a dress like this! 

And I am in love! It is official! 

 Super fun dress to go dancing in! 

 Brilliance doesn't cut it anymore....

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I don't know about you, but all of this amazing fashion....I am exhausted. Give me a glass of wine and put me to bed! :) Happy Sunday Followers! 
xoxo, Brooke

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