Sunday, January 22, 2012

An Artist's Life Manifesto

By: Marina Abramovic

Forgive me for not posting my usual Sunday Shenanigans post. I am in bed, drinking coffee and watching Netflix...having some much needed down time!!! 
I love this video! I hope it reminds you to allow your inspiration and authenticity to choose from the clothing that you have. I hope it reminds you that you dont need to buy the $1,000 coat to be fashionable. That all you need to do is take inspiration from what you have. Your closet should be your favorite place to shop, after all, it is your own personal clothing store that you have created for yourself. Allow it to be your work of art and use it to create something lovely for you. Because you deserve it! Just like I deserve the down time I am allowing myself today :) I hope your Sunday is a wonderful one! 

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