Monday, January 9, 2012

Makeup Tip: Winged Eye Liner

This is one of my best makeup tricks. I absolutely LOVE wearing winged eye liner, but getting each eye to match perfectly is a delicate art and can take forever if you don't do this every day or if you are going for a dramatic look. I found myself slowly adding to one eye and then to the other until my winged look was perfected, then looked at the clock and realized that it took me almost 10 minutes to create this drastic liner look. NO WAY! So, I learned....

First work with a regular eye liner pencil, this is easier to erase if you don't like the line you just created and you can be a little bit more brave in developing your line for a dramatic look. 

Then when you are done with the pencil and happy with your liner look, you can go over your line again with a gel liner or your liquid liner. This will set your look and give you those crisp lines that we all know and love so much. You literally just fill it in and then finish off the fine edges of your line. 
And VOILA! You have the dramatic eye liner effect, even on both eyes and in probably half the time...

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Another Tip: Make sure you use an eye primer, this will make sure that your liner stays in place all day and night! Then if you have it, top it off with some finishing spray, Urban Decay and MAC have wonderful finishing sprays. 

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Vow.. eyes are very beautiful with that eyeliner. Thanks for letting me know about winged eyeliner.