Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jump In

Photo courtesy of: express.com
So, I have been looking for a jumper for a few weeks now. I tried on one at Nordstrom's and the butt was see through and the fabric was so thin you could see very intimate details of anything that was jiggly. Way wrong to do to any woman unless you are a dietitian, P90X, Zumba dancing, tight bunned wonderful freak of nature. I felt like my jiggly places were just a little too exposed for comfort, but I otherwise loved it and sad to have to let it go. 
Since then I have been on the hunt and I think I have found the one :) 
This cobalt Blue wonder from Express. It fits awesome on me and is incredibly comfortable! I bought it today! YAY! What do you think FS Followers?


The Vagabond said...

I think you should've gone for the see-through butt. :D

Brooke Williams said...

Ohhhhh Lou! :)