Monday, April 2, 2012

Skirting the issue!

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Above is the incredibly coveted skirt from Stella McCartney's Cruise Collection that I have been lusting over for quite some time now! She really hit the nail on the head with the attention she payed towards the cut of the silhouettes with this collection, I feel. This midi-length speaks to the vintage mama in me and this length is seriously the most flattering! Then the high waist to keep it even more sophisticated (sigh with delight). Then she really speaks to my fashion passion by contrasting the ladylike silhouette with the energetic tropical scene! You all know how I love subtle or not-so subtle fashion contrasts! This seriously pulls on my heart strings!

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Can you just imagine walking into a subtle breeze in this Jason Wu Skirt, the back gently flapping side to side with each step in your stilettos?!?! I love how Mr. Wu combined this wonderful color with the delicately see through black top. You definitely want to make sure your legs are tanned for this mamma-jamma because of the color. This skirt has a movement to it that, even in a still picture, has me mesmerized! J'Adore! 


Anonymous said...

I need to buy more skirts :) Thanks for reminding me! hihi!

Brooke Williams said...

Oh Queen B....You are so chic! Please post pictures of your new skirts once you have them :)