Monday, November 26, 2012

My Jeggings

So this is my first pair of Jeggings and I have to admit that I am definitely behind the fashion curve on this one! I always thought it was so terribly taboo to wear leggings without completely covering your hind end with a long shirt. This was until I came across my jeggings! Now I realize what all the fuss is all about. They are comfortable, they are thicker than the traditional leggings which makes it okay to show a little hip and booty. I have to admit that I still make sure that I cover my hind end with a long shirt, but this is mostly just from self consciousness alone. 
And so the moral of the story not be afraid to at least try the new might find yourself pleasantly surprised! 
I have to say that next time I would not wear the grey leather jacket, but the rest of the ensemble I love! 

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