Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Unique Edges and Memories

When I was about 11 years old my Buddhist Priest saw my piercings and told me that these holes in your body allow your energy to drain out like waterfalls. He shook his little finger at me and told me, "No more holes" smiled and walked away to leave me with these thoughts. While I always contemplated information that he gave to me, I always filtered through what it was that I would accept as right for me and what I felt was better left for others. Maybe it was vanity that made me reject this information from my priest, probably so, as I have always loved piercings. In fact, I pierced my ear in this exact same spot in London in 2002. I dont have an earring in that spot now, but the scar leaves me to remember two things that make me smile; London and the politely rejected advice from my gentle advisor. To me, this is what piercings are all about. They should remind you of a moment in time, of someone special, a triumph, or of a place near and dear to your heart. And my little hole reminds me of a city I adore and a little sweet man shaking his finger at me in love. 

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