Sunday, February 20, 2011

Interior Design Room Planners

When you are moving into a new space or just thinking about ways to rearrange your furniture, dont break a sweat. Online room planners can do the job for you and they are easy to play with in order to get some ideas. Rearrange all you want and save your back the pain.
Here are some helpful sites:
Thomasville Room Planner
Ethan Allen Room Planner
or Collins Room Planner
All you will need are measurements for the room, and measurements for the furniture that you already have.
This is also a great tool if you are looking to move to a smaller space, if you have the measurements, it will help you figure out if you will need to get rid of furniture and which pieces will have to go before you even begin packing.
Happy Designing Shenani-Followers.

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