Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vintage Movies Make me SMILE!

The glamor! The Fashion! The lingo! The penciled eyebrows! There is something about a black and white flick that is inspiring to my sense of fashion. I watch and imagine how long it must have taken those women to get ready, and these were Hollywood looks that every day women emulated. I can barely wash my hair every other day! Its exhausting with work and everything else that one needs to keep up with in our 21st century life. Well, here is a ode to the women and men who knew how to shine, even without technicolor!

Picture of Woody Allen and Romy Schneider from:
Picture of Linda Darnell playing Stella in "Fallen Angel", picture from:
picture of Stella from:
picture from:
Picture of Lana Turner from "The Postman Always Rings Twice" (1946) from:
picture of Josephine from Zou Zou (1934) from:
Picture of Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogin in "The Kid" from:
picture from:
picture from:
picture of Astaire and Rogers from:
picture from:
picture of Garbo in "Camille" from:
picture of "The Blue Angel" from:
picture from:
picture from:
An awesome suit, awesome eye brows and just an awesome picture all together, from:
Everyone's favorite little curly haired tap dancing queen; Shirley Temple, picture from:
Its raining outside, what a good time to curl up with an old movie! Enjoy my Shenani-Followers!

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