Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Tribute to John Galliano

Born November 28th, 1960. His real name is Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillen, otherwise known to the fashion world as simply John Galliano. He is currently the head designer of Christian Dior.
Quoted as saying, "My role is to seduce." And he is true to his word, as Mr. Galliano is one of the few designers that actually incorporates himself into his own fashion show. As most designers will shyly waive and walk across with a quick bow, John struts himself down the runway in seemingly impossible tight pants, seducing us all the entire way down with his devilish little grin. His entrance is grand, his runway debut is grand and his exit is grand and we will just say that his grand fashion creations....well, they never seem to disappoint! Mr. Galliano is a busy man with 6 couture and ready to wear collections to create a year, as he has his own label and creates for Dior. Mr. Galliano also has a rigorous exercise regime; he wakes at 6 am and completes a grueling 40 minutes of aerobics, before doing about 150 push-ups and then finishing up with a run. He seems to have enough energy and creative spunk for about 4 lifetimes, and lets just say that.....we will never complain! We salute you John!
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