Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coco Rocha sparkles in Venice

I absolutely love how the fashion industry for the last few years has really embraced whiter skin. I am Irish on Irish with a dab of German and Portuguese, but you would never guess I had anything in my blood line beyond Irish. It is hard for me to tan, and some people just don't understand how I could be so white. I grew up slathering on SPF 30 while my friends grew to a golden tan with tanning oils. I was always envious, that is until the tides of fashion opened its doors to all different skin types, celebrating variety and change. And so, I am glad to see fashion embracing white skin in all of its authenticity, not trying to be what it isn't! Coco Rocha is a beautiful example of just that: 

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That gold dress on her skin is just illuminating! But then again, I am pretty sure a great subtle gold works with all skin tones! Lovely!

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