Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So Many Red Shoes and So Little Time!

The Red Stilettos I had forever were always a size and a half too big for me. I added some pads to them and made them work for years, they were irresistible and I got compliments on them every time I wore them. They were the perfect color, the heel was high but not too high where I couldn't walk in them comfortably. They were wonderful to me with the exception of the fact that they slid off my heel from time to time mid stride (not a cute moment!). Being the Feng Shui addict that I am, I knew it was time to upgrade. I love getting rid of things that just aren't being used or working properly, I do this about 2-3 times a year. It provides a type of mental cleanse for me that I adore! I also like to go through my items and make sure everything is working well, I grease up all of the hinges in my space and deep clean and scrub all the nooks and crannies, then sanitize the light switches and door knobs. Its like a Spring Cleaning 3 times a year and it makes me feel wonderful. But in this Feng Shui cleanse I knew in my heart of hearts that the shoes would be better for someone who would use them more, for someone that they would fit properly. Enter my life long friend Alex...our feet have always been similar in size and she was actually in the process of looking for red stilettos, which tells me the timing was right and everything was as it should be! Alex tried them on and they fit like a glove, she took my shoes home and I now have room in my life for a new pair of red shoes. I am on the hunt! Here are a few that I am eyeing while I shop around: 

When I finally find my pair I will post a picture, but for now its kind of fun to shop around looking for that perfect pair that will be timeless in my life and accentuate my wardrobe with the perfect pop of color! After all, it should be about enjoying the journey, right!?!? 
(My Feng Shui list of things to do coming soon to Fashionable Shenanigans)

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