Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Vintage Life

So this is my Vintage Muff. The moment I saw it at my favorite vintage shop I knew I HAD to have it! It is totally oversized which is just how I love my accessories to be, then they can make a statement. I think it is fox fur, but it is really soft and I LOVE it! I can seriously put everything in it, it will hold all that I need for the evening and then some. Plus it is perfect for a night out when you dont want to wear too many heavy clothes that you are just going to have to carry around once you get inside wherever you are going. It will keep your hands warm and the inside is lined with silk. I am a sucker for the feel of fabric, fur or just soft material in general-so this piece is extra special for me! 


Kim said...

How much can you get in there! Love your bracelet!

LoriLynn said...

While I generally don't do fur (I'm a vegetarian) I do tend to feel pretty ok about vintage furs and this one is super gorg! Also can we talk about how much I love your blog name?! Shenanigans is one of my fave words ever! XO Lori