Sunday, January 30, 2011

The DNA of good Jeans

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Jeans seem to be this tricky thing for women. Sometimes I find myself saying, "Welp, I need a second opinion, but I guess they fit okay; wheres my debit card?" It is hard to find jeans with the right cut for our specific and unique body types, especially in regards to the latest trends. I for one like strait legged pants and jeans on my body type. And let me tell you---when strait legged pants are not in fashion, they are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! I swear all I can find are skinny jeans! I have been looking everywhere for a pair of strait legged, low fitting brown pants for the last 2-3 years and still have yet to find them. 
But, back to jeans...
When it comes to fit there are certain guidelines (never rules, because those are thoroughly encouraged to be broken here on Shenanigans). 
So, you should always keep in mind your specific body type; the tappered jean looks amazing on a slimmer figure, and well lets face it, it any cut looks good on a slimmer figure! You girls are blessed! Curvier women look better in a strait or a boot-cut fit (Enter your Blogging Shenani-maker). High waisted cuts are awesome for anyone who wants to appear taller. 
I have been told that "True Demin aficianados never wash their jeans in order to let them wear in and age. The great thing about denim jeans is the more you wear them, the better they get. If things get really unsanitary, you can either spray them with febreze or hand wash them in cold water and then line dry them. It's always best to hang your Jeans when you're drying them to maintain their original shape and fit; dont throw them in the dryer." - Eleanor Earnst, Jean expert (Interview from The Nest magazine).
This is news to me because I used the pants rule of about 2-4 wears then wash routine. 
One major tip that a friend of mine gave me a long time ago (she is very petite and short, so has to get pants hemmed a lot) and she told me that you can ask them to reattach the hem. This allows your jeans to keep the original hem, allowing them to look like nothing was ever done to them! Ah-mazing! Custom fit jeans, expensive most likely- but if you have a good tailor, probably worth every penny.
One last wonderful tip: THE RISE!!! Muy Importante! To avoid exposing your "dime slot" make sure the rise on your low-rise jeans is higher in the back. This will allow you to retain that sexy low cut look in the front and still have appropriate coverage when you sit down. Because lets be honest, are you ever really comfortable when you can feel that breeze? No!!! I say good day! 
(Blog Entry inspired by an old Spring 2008 Nesting Magazine that was given to me by Ninja Boss)

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