Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dream Closets

A closet should be your lovely safe haven, where your most expensive items can be lovingly tucked away in style when they are not being worn.
Brooke's closet tips:
  • Make sure all your hangers match. It makes everything look fluid and clean, even if they are plastic target hangers (that's what I have, easy to replace)- as long as they all match!
  • Add a fresh coat of paint, make sure it is clean looking, and you can even play with color here.  Have fun with it.
  • Lighting, Lighting, Lighting! Color does not exist without light! So make sure it is a well lit area. Plus this can be helpful to make the closet space seem larger. Don't be afraid to play with chandeliers if you have the space.
  • Keep the floor items organized and clean looking.
  • Make sure everything matches, for example storage boxes should all be the same and should coordinate/contrast appropriately with paint color, etc.
  • Most of all, keep it a creative, organized, uncluttered and inspirational so it can be a place for you to dream in. Very important for your Fashion Sanity!
Here are a few closets to die for!!!

Picture from: yasmine-15.blogspot.com
Could you even Imagine walking into Rachel Zoe's closet?!?! I bet it is the size of a studio apartment!

Picture from: yasmine-15.blogspot.com
Perfect example of someone who is not afraid to make her basic closet color pallet POP! Get it...POP! lmhfgfreegnlllk: ) Cause its a Pop singer....okay... well I Love it!
Also If you are looking for a GLAM look Leopard print is always a great foundation to start with, as it goes with almost everything, allowing you to incorporate items you already have.
Picture from: lipstickalley.com

Chanel Closet...I have died and gone to Fashion HEAVEN!

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