Saturday, January 15, 2011

Polyvore my Heart

Polyvore is this amazing site that is free to join. I was addicted to it when I first stumbled upon it! I think my friend had to give me a Polyvore Intervention at one point! It is the perfect site where you can allow your imagination to guide you. You can use different things for purposes unintended, and find items you never knew existed! Its my fantasy fashion world! It is also a perfect location to search an item to see how other polyvore enthusiasts might accessorize in ways you never dreamed, or put together combinations you thought were illegal in about 10 countries. This is the place to let your fashion rock, shock, travel and just get down with your bad self!
I like to make up a story about the girl who would be wearing this outfit, I include the kid of pet she has, tell a little story about her interests, maybe make up something about what she is going to do looking so fierce! Yes, that's right folks, I am a true Polyvore NERD! And proud of it!!!

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