Saturday, January 15, 2011

Harrow Blog World, I have arrived!

Amazing and Inspirational Fashion Forward Moment
(How I would love to arrive to this blogging experience dressed like this! And you are never fully dressed without a smile, own it!)
Allow me to Introduce myself with a short rant...
My name is Brooke. I have been a fashion conscious individual since I can remember, with wardrobe changes in between my dance numbers on the living room coffee table, white curls bouncing up and down from my terrible tap dancing number, but at least my tutu matched my bracelets!!!
Now, let me clarify that this by no means qualifies me as a fashion expert, obviously. This is just my own visual inspiration that I hope might be enjoyable for others.

But as I write I should share some of my absolute favorite characteristics about fashion, and that is that... if you allow it, it can/is:
Defined my no ones rules, and can use it to break and redefine your own standards.
Inspired by imagination, and can inspire your imagination in return.
To define and redefine you, what you are thinking, what you are feeling.
And most importantly to me; it is a wonderful creative outlet.

Fashion can be found for me mostly in two ways, clothing and interior design. Two of my creative passions! In the entries to follow you will find both, along with some Organizational Ideas, Inspirational Quotes, and whatever else might tickle my fancy that day.
I hope after visiting my decide to stay...light a a smile, and decide that if there is pretty things that you might stay a while.

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