Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fur Fabulosity!

In the 21st century the mere mention of fur evokes a few little nervous butterflies from just about every Fashion loving woman. We have seen the PETA video's! Anyone who watches Sex and the City knows how ruthless PETA advocates can be. They splash a cup filled with animal blood all over a model, who is just doing her job...or runs in front of her on the runway with a sign (distracting from thousand dollars worth of runway production and fashion). We also consciously know deep down, in that fashion-guilty pit of our stomachs, that we are wearing something that was killed for us to buy/for money/for senseless reasons! I get what is going on, and fully support efforts to both raise awareness and to keep further animal killings from happening for the sake of fashion!
So, in this blog entry let me start by saying that I am not for aggressively obtained fur, and I am not against fur in general. I fully support protecting our animals! I buy only vintage fur, and make sure I buy faux when it is a modern piece.
So, for the record; this blogger is in favor if environmentally friendly productions of fake fur, vintage purchases, and current real furs that were made from animals that passed naturally in their own habitats. (Oscar De La Renta has a line out that is obscenely expensive, but justified once you hear that they are furs from animals that died naturally.)

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My Adorable Fashion Hero Anna Dello Russo picture from: pinkbookauthor.blogspot.com
There is something about fur that is just so luxurious, it makes me feel like a little girl wearing my little heels (I called them my darlings, because every time I wore them my Mommy told me that I was darling!) Fur makes me want to wear red lipstick on a daily basis. And dress up no matter where I am going. Its chic, its fancy and I love it!
It is a luxury, lets just make sure we are animal friendly, conscious consumers : ) Right my Shenani-Followers?!?!

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