Saturday, March 12, 2011

Makeup and Beauty Online Resource

Have you ever made a makeup purchase and thought...."I really wish I would have known how terribly over priced and terrible this product is before I spent the money and found this out the hard way! Problem solved: Enter MakeupAlley this web site is where women (and sometimes men) from all over the world go to talk about their terrible, wonderful and somewhere in between beauty experiences. There are product reviews, salon episodes, plastic surgery stories, and everything else in between. So now, when you are thinking about spending a ton of money of the latest and greatest product or procedure you can see the general reviews before you pull out your pocket book. I like to use this web site to see what grocery store products get good reviews, in order to see where I can save some money. One of my favorite grocery store buys is my Cover Girl Mascara:
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A girl needs to save money where she can and I like to replace my mascara often. So, justifying $30 for mascara that is too wet and makes my lashes go strait after curling them just makes me feel a little sad inside. So I stick with my always dependable cover girl. But, I have to admit...that once a year I do buy one expensive tube in order to make sure that my grocery store brand is still holding up against the high class competition.
Visit MakeupAlley before you go to a salon, or before you get a facial, before you get botox or plastic surgery; read the horror stories, the happy/I would do it again results, learn more about the real life stories and find out really what you are going to be getting yourself and your pocket book into. If anything, it will just let you know more about the right questions to ask when you arrive! Because my followers can be fashion forward, and smart with their money at the same time! Go fourth and prosper!!! Nah-noo! Nah-noo! (Hold up hand in Mork & Mindy Fashion, why? For fun of course)

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