Friday, March 11, 2011

Perfect Eyebrows! Always a must.

The shape of your eyebrows is not a one size fits all type of ordeal! Your brow should be as individual as your fashion sense. Girls let there friends reek havoc with a tweezers...DON'T DO THIS!!! You will end up bitter and a little resentful towards your friend even though you knew they were just trying to do their best. But the damage will be done and it will not grow back for quite some time, and unless you know how to fill them in your will be in a little bit of trouble.
The measurements for your eyebrows should come from your unique racial measurements.
With a great shape little bit of brow pencil or shadow with an angled liner brush, voila! You can thicken them, you can add to the arch, you can exaggerate them (I love to exaggerate them when I wear red lipstick), they will look great no matter what you do just as long as you stick to you unique facial measurements!

Here is a picture to assist:
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If you would like to exaggerate your measurements, I always like to use the side of the tip of my nose as the base point for the rest of my measurements, instead of the side of my nostril.
Line number 2 is often where women falter. If the arch is wrong it will make the rest of your facial measurements look a little off kilter.
The other biggest mistake that women make is not filling them in, make sure your brows have a presence on your face, they should be colored to your desired hue to coordinate or contrast your hair color, but most importantly...make sure those lines/edges are smooth!

Here are some people with wonderful brows:
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 And here are some examples of how all different shaped brows can look ah-mazing!

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I am a HUGE fan of Threading, which is an art that I was told originated from India. I like it because your brow specialist is already working with a strait line, so it is hard to get anything wobbly : )
Plus, my skin is sensitive and used to break out when wax was involved, wax is a very imperfect art and it is even easier to do damage with it than with tweezers!
Shade in those brows ladies. Play with them, change them, but stick with the measurement tool and you will NEVER go wrong!
Happy Friday my fabulous Shenani-followers!

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