Friday, April 22, 2011

Rewease dah sekwet weapoooon.....(please say aloud in funny sinister voice)

Long, Long ago...before I was the fashionable blogger that I am now. I used to have platinum blonde hair, it was beautiful, I had extensions that flowed in the wind and color that shined in the sun like white gold. 
I have to admit that I not only bleached my hair but I straitened my natural curls too, ouch! After years of hair torture, changing my hair color and putting in highlights or lowlights, my hair could take no more! It was a sad sight, my curls were droopy and frizzy and I seemed to constantly be doing damage control on my ends. I did a pretty good job of styling it so that the damage was hidden from sight as much as possible, but my secret would not be safe for long. I knew it was getting bad when it got to the point where I could not allow my hair to naturally dry (unless you like that finger fresh from socket look), it was SO damaged. I knew I had to make some changes! 
I sulked and cried, I even threw a few fits on the floor banging my fists in protest, but I knew that I had to give up my platinum ways for good! 
After growing out my roots for as long as I could stand it, I hesitantly went to my trusted color professional, dragging my feet through the door. And told her I wanted to get as close to my natural color as possible, from what little she could see of it.
My life was about to change in a way you might think is silly and insignificant, but being blonde was part of my identity. I was blonde from birth and as I got older and my hair started to get darker, somewhere along the way I decided to fight the fade to the dark side. And so I did, with a little help from my local color professional and some not-so-small fee's I was a blonde California girl.
I sat in the chair, told her my decision and she smiled at me from the corner of her mouth..."Are you sure honey, there is no going back once this is all said and done?!?!" 
With a wash, wash, wash, and a snip, snip, snip; it was all over. "I knew this was the right decision!" I reminded myself. She spun me around, and I was a new woman. I looked completely....DIFFERENT! Not bad, (she got the color just right) just different.
Little did I know that this would be the beginning of my journey, not the end. There was some serious damage control left to do!
And that's when it happened! What you ask? I stumbled upon the sekwet weapooon....Literally! It had fallen off the shelf in the isle and I almost tripped on it coming around a corner after looking for something to cheer me up and help me fade into this dark side I was embracing, luckily I was sulking after my hair appointment and dragging my feet or I might have face planted.
Behold! :
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What a wittle bottle you say!?!? I love the oil from this collection because it doesn't leave my hair oily as you would ass-ume a hair oil would. BUT NO! I have to say that every product from this line is a good choice, if you are in a recovery program like myself (one day at a time, keep on keepin' on), or if you are just trying to maintain the health of your hair; either way this little bottle will SAVE YOUR LIFE!
(ppppppssst. I have to admit that I even use this on dry skin, it works wonders.)
I am proud to say that I have been clean and sober from "the bleach juice" for over a year now. My hair is healthier and my curls have sprung back to life, minus the frizz! WHAT A RECOVERY PROGRAM! I have to admit that my sekwet weapooon smells good too : ) Deeee-vine!
And, for another confession.... I am quite enjoying myself on the dark side!

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