Friday, April 15, 2011

Traditional Hairstyles of the 1920's Flappers

I cannot give tribute to Flapper hair without paying notice to the ah-mazing hats worn in the 20's. They were a common sight to see and an major fashion staple of the times. photo from: 
Marione Davies. Photo from:
Irene Castle was a renowned ballroom dancer who some believed started the "bob" trend when she cut her hair off in 1915. You can just see in her expression, like she is inspired and is going to create something that will blow your mind. I love how her eyes say so much! photo from:
Louise Brooks again. She is breathtaking, I just cant get enough of her, there is something about her. photo from:
As you can see, not all women choose to have "the bob"and yet still their style is very distinct and fitting with the times. photo from:
photo from:
There is something about the makeup and the hair and photography, all of these women look like little angels! photo from:
photo from:
photo from:
photo from:
This photo might be from the 1930's, but I felt it was still fitting with the flapper image. photo from:

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Vantastic said...

Great post! I love the way finger waves look! But, I HATE doing finger is gross how much gel is required and it requires a lot of finger school flash backs.