Friday, April 1, 2011

Turquoise Dream Jewel!

This stone historically dates back to 200 B.C. where it was used by Indian Tribes for religious purposes, art, trade, treaty negotiations, and jewelry. It was also worn by Pharaohs and Aztec Kings.
Turquoise is considered the stone of life, good fortune and a symbol of wealth by American Indians and other cultures of the world. Turquoise is the rare product of an incalculable number of chemical and physical processes that must take place in the right combination and proper environment over a time span of hundreds of thousands-if not millions-of years to be made. 

When I was a little mother had a bracelet that had a HUGE turquoise stone on it. We called it the dream jewel. Whenever my sister or I had a bad dream, we would, like all little kids, march ourselves into our Mothers room to wake her up and proceed (with tears usually) to tell her about our scary dream. My Mother would tell us about the healing powers of the "Dream Jewel" and told us that all those little cracks and dots in the stone were trapped bad dreams. So if we were going to have a bad dream when we wore it, the stone would trap the bad dream and when we woke in the morning, and the stone would have a new mark or dot in it. And that new mark was the bad dream that it trapped to help us sleep through the night. Needless to say it worked like a charm! 
And since my childhood I have had a fascination for Turquoise and its rugged beauty!

And so...some beautiful pictures of other dream jewels:

pictures from:
picture from:
My favorite's are the authentic Native American made pieces. They have a soul it seems with imperfections that seem to give them movement and a life all their own! photo from:
Some more statement pieces in Turquoise. Photo from:
photo from:
photo from:
photo from:
Talk about a statement piece! photo from:
Or if you can afford it, Tiffany & Co. makes some Turquoise pieces that are very nice, such as this neclace. Photo from:

Well my Shenani-Followers, I hope you dream good dreams and get to accessorize with your favorite Gemstone items this Spring.

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