Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Shenanigans

Its a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the weather is perfection! I really hope you get the opportunity to relax today and be lazy for a little while. In our fast paced world, even Sunday's are no longer sacred. So I hope you take the opportunity to do something that you enjoy. Me? I will blog : ) Thank you very much. And then go spend some time with my guy : )
Here to tickle your Sunday fashion fancy is DSQUARED2 Ready-to-wear for Spring/Summer 2011: I am just adoring this chic classic geek look! There is something about the mixture of leather and plaid that make me giggle with delight. And the basket weave fedora, I think you can wear with just about everything. This type of hat is a good investment as if it even happens to go out of style, just be a little patient as it will come back around, it always seems to! Over sized statement accessories like these glasses are just delightful! Fun! Fun! Fun!  And menswear is always somehow functional, comfortable and fun all at the same time! The Tuxedo inspired ensembles make my heart palpitate in a wonderful way!

I absolutely love this look of an over sized thin knit sweater hanging over a mini. Fun!

I saw this ensemble and something in me giggled a little happy! I love the textured leather with the plaid, is the perfect amount of too much! A statement outfit for sure!

Menswear with a feminine cut. You seriously cannot go wrong!

Zexy in with a geek quality. Per-fec-tion!

It probably has to do with the fact that this model is ah-mazingly skinny. But I love how this suit drapes on her, the pants flow perfectly almost like a long skirt.

Vibrant colored dresses! Yum!

This woman looks like she could take on the world!

There is something about a tuxedo shirt and even more when it is a tuxedo dress! I love this. And then just to keep the look just soft enough, there is a little bit of lace peeking out of the bottom of the hem! I freaking DIE!
Again with the tuxedo but this time with a bow-tie! Heart attack from awesomeness! AAAHHHHH!

Its the tuxedo grand finale folks! There is something very sophisticated and yet...still somehow my little girl within says, "Oh, I want to play dress up in that today!"


The designing duo of DSQUARED2. All above photos from:

A pop of color with grey, cant go wrong!

I want to stand up and applaud for this ensemble! Is that weird? Wait, I already know, don't answer that! : )
I will stay seated!

all photos from:
Happy Sunday Shenani-followers. Thanks for reading!

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Matt said...

Baby, I can totally see you wearing these guy get ups....and you make them sexy!! Keep up the good work...I love your blog!