Monday, July 4, 2011

Every woman needs a little pink in her life...But, keep it classy San Diego!

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We all know that the vibrant colors are so very "IN" this season! But, it is my humble opinion that there is a subtle difference between chic and cheap when it comes to items like this awesome rockin' jacket! When working with vibrant statement pieces, make sure they fit you correctly, they should be tailored if needed. They should also be made with quality fabric, if it is cheaply made it will scream FOREVER 21 from the roof tops and fade with multiple washes...ehhhh! Pieces like this are trend type items which can be found on sale at one of my favorite places to shop: Nordstrom Rack.  I love how this girl has a bit of a tom-boy flair to her look and is contrasting with such a vibrant feminine color! Also, what a wonderful piece for your wardrobe to style up your work ensembles!?!?! Awesome! Happy summer shopping my followers! YAY! 

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