Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hello my followers and readers from around the world. I hope this finds you happy and healthy today! I wanted to theme today's Shenani-entry for a trend that has been very hot and cold through many years, but that can be timeless in my opinion when done correctly. Why? Because it just happens to be in vogue at the moment: WHITE... White lace, white hair, white shoes (especially after labor day), the perfect white tee, white jeans, white dresses, shall I go on? I think not... I will just explore this trend with pictures to help make your Sunday a little more beautiful and filled with lovely fashion. Thank you for your support, it means the world to me! Have a lovely Sunday!

Chanel! photo courtesy of:
Iris Van Herpen, photo courtesy of:
You Serisouly MUST check out this Blog! It is AWESOME!

The Always Adorable Rachel McAdams. photo courtesy of:
photo courtesy of:
Sophia Coppola at the (exclusive invitation only) Tom Ford show. photo courtesy of:
My favorite Vixen Dita looking fabulous in Dior. photo courtesy of:
Almost the entire Givency collection has a white color pallet, with pops of neon for an almost textural color effect. I cant get enough of this collection! photo courtesy of:
Dior White angular shoes. photo courtesy of:
These look like wedding dresses, but they are just too amazing to leave out of the white entry today! Brilliance! photo courtesy of:
And what would a fashion trend be in the 21st century without a little Rhianna?!?! Ellie Saab Dress that is blowing my mind! photo courtesy of:

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