Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vogue Italia, September 2011

Right when I am thinking I need to stay away from purchasing international fashion magazines! I was seriously just talking with Anne Marie about this today, about how I need to save my money more! Then...Vogue Italia goes and shoots a spread that melts my fashion heart!!! Okay, will be visiting Barnes and Noble on the way home to pick up this puppy...I MUST!

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The HAIR...The MAKE up...The FASHIOOOONNN!!! Per-fection! Its like my perfect fashion spread come true and I couldn't have imagined it better myself! 
Model: Jacquelyn Joblonski, Photog: Miles Aldridge, Styling: Alice Guntilucci. 
Alice...I commend you and will be looking up your work! More to come! YAY!

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