Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of Days...or so he says!

So there is a man that is making headlines today. He is hypothesizing, according to biblical information, that the world will be coming to an end today. And though I believe I will be safe and sound when my head hits the pillow tonight. I cant help but wonder....if it was everyone's last day on earth (for those who are not "saved" and facing a fiery pit in hell)...what would we do? What would I do?
Would you travel? Would you go wild? Would you make amends to those you have hurt in your life? Would you spend time with loved ones? Or just one loved one? Would skydive? Or ride a bull in a rodeo? Would you dance the day away? Or would you pray? All very important questions. But here on the Fashionable Shenanigans Blog, I like to keep things light. 
So let us day dream not about higher more sophisticated questions. For this moment, let us day dream about tulle, red lipstick, painted fingernails, red carpet ready dresses and eye make up that makes you look like a life-sized barbie. About how we would present ourselves upon this entrance into the pit of hell.
I for one would love to enter looking something like Emma Stone from the 2011 Golden Globes in her Calvin Klein peach dress and new blonde locks. Per-fec-tion!

Photos from Fashionista101

They are superficial thoughts I know. So I would like to take this moment, to let you know that I do have depth...Just not on this blog! HA HA! Here I am frivolous and superficial. HA HA! Its all fun and games people. Dont take life too seriously, your never going to make it out alive!

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