Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Sartorialist

When it comes to Men's Fashion there is one man who stands apart from the rest. He has made a name for himself not for how he flashes his smile and style in front of a camera, but for the fashion moments around the world that he catches on his camera. He has made a living traveling the world, bouncing from fashion capital to fashion capital, taking photo's of men and women who exude a certain fashionable confidence in every day moments. He is probably one of the pioneers for bringing to popularity "street style". Do not be fooled, he is not just a photographer, this man has an extensive resume in the fashion industry and is still very well known in fashionably elite circles. You will see some very important fashion icons and fashion industry leaders in his photo's, often without being named, as the fashion is what matters, not necessarily the name. But, his name is Scott Schuman and his Blog is The Sartorialist

This is Scott's picture from his Blog, and the fashion he presents here is a good representation of some of the fashion he is able to capture from around the world. Some of my favorite photos Scott takes are of the men in Milan who wear vintage fitted suits that were their great grandfathers, passed down from generation to generation. They are perfectly worn on the edges and faded a little from years of sun, but fit to perfection. These men must know their tailors very, very well.
The Fashion he captures has a certain ease to it, almost like they have just rolled out of bed and thrown on something amazing that they have in their closet. Scott is able to bring out a sense of comfortably from every fashion connoisseur in his photo's. As if looking fabulous took little to no effort at all, and they are at home under their skin. It can make for quite intimate pictures that he is able to create.
I would love to post pictures and give you examples of some of my favorite photo's from his blog, but they are all copyrighted. So you will just have to visit the blog yourself. I could spend hours on his Blog

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