Friday, May 27, 2011

Wedding details

When a woman plans that special day where she is uniting with the one she loves in front of...others she loves, she wants to look as wonderful as she feels. And while on my wedding day I hope to be able to master this balancing act between looking and feeling, with just my happy glow...In reality, I know that it will be all in the details. I will want to look and feel my very best, on one of the happiest days of my life. Here are two Vintage looks I adore!
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I absolutely LOVE the head piece she is wearing! Then to top it off with imperfect hair, is just lovely!
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The back of this dress is do die for! OMG! How elegant and yet sexy with a vintage feel to it! Per-fec-tion!

After all...when it comes to looking the most beautiful you have ever looked in your whole entire life, ever, on this planet. On the day you celebrate love itself....why not stick with what you love!

And now I just HAVE to post a picture of Nicole Richie on her wedding day. Why? Because her dress was FABULOUS! And she looked so happy!
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