Sunday, May 8, 2011


Its that time again my fashion forward followers....Sunday Shenanigans!
I have to admit that I love looking up fashion photography on a lovely Sunday, it is a guilty pleasure. I want you, my dear readers, to know that I will take suggestions, if you have an idea for a Fashionable Shenanigans entry please let me know : ).It can be a theme, or a color combination, or have a particular focus, etc.
And for today, here are some beautiful pictures for your fashionable pleasures. I hope they tickle your fancy! Cause we all have a little fancy : )
Lily Cole photo from: This blog is amazing! Go and visit when you have a moment!
photo from:
photo from:
Another Ah-Mazing fashion photo from one of my favorite blogs, check it out today!:
photo from:
This picture is so amazing, I feel like it needs a blog entry all on its own!  Look at the eye makeup, I think she is wearing contacts. Absolutely stunning! photo from:
photo from:
I saved the best for last... There is something about this picture that makes this runway moment seem intimate. I think its because you don't see anyone in the frame other than her. There is no commotion, it is a seemingly quiet moment, its just her and the dress. Its actually a very sweet, understated and modest fashion moment. I also LOVE the dress!!!!! Perfection! photo from:

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