Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gucci my heart...

I have to say that there is something about the clean lines of a suit that make me feel powerful. (See bottom right picture I am referring to). Strong lines and powerful colors can create an ensemble that, when accessorized appropriately, can make you feel like you can take on the world! (Which I would never try for I would most likely end up like Pinky and the Brain). Clothing definitely creates a feeling for me, call me overly sensitive or what you will, but its whats true for me : ) And I like to use these powers for good! I know that when I am feeling down, I have to figure out what kind of feeling I can create that will lift my mood, or bring me the strength that I need to make it through my moment, or my day.
There is something about this suit from Gucci that is simply memorizing to me. I know, it probably looks like any other women's suit that you have seen, same lines, same colors...blah. blah. blah. But I think it is the pop or color with the hat and the flower broach that bring a spark to this look. Along with the VERY tailored accessories. I can help but LOVE the combination of the shinny leather gloves and the tailored clutch! 
Suits such as this one are so completely transitional that you can dress them up and keep the lines clean, or change the look entirely! If you add a colorful blouse that is lose, unbutton the jacket, loose the belt and all the other accessories and let the hair fly around a little unkempt...VOI--LAH! You have an instantly more relaxed feeling to this suit.
Another thing that you could do with this suit is wear just a plain t-shirt underneath to simplify it. Or you could wrap a scarf around your neckline and torso like a wrapped dress top under the jacket. With a plain scarf, this would most likely make for a very German military type of feel that can be very chic. A flowered scarf would look great with curly hair and some looped earrings. 
I think you get my jest in my long winded explanation about why I love suits like this:
Gucci, Fall 2011 photo from: http://ingridsmoteblogg.blogspot.com
I also cant help but love the hemlines that pay tribute to the 1940's pin up look (see military trench in top middle picture). I think it can be a very gentle nod to a feminine silhouette when the hemline of a jacket, skirt or dress comes down a little further from the knee than usual. It can also make for a very elongating effect. Its my favorite hemline on my physique anyway : )

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