Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dreamy Saturday

Dreamy Saturday

Today in my dreams this is what I wear. I sit at a 
cafe with a warm drink in hand, so warm it burns the inside of my fingers as I grasp the cup bringing it to my lips for a careful sip. My large sunglasses keeping me safe from the suns intense glare allowing my squint to relax along with my thoughts. My friends come to visit for a while, we visit, we laugh. After they leave the sunlight starts to fade on the day. I listen to gentle music and work on my blog reaching out to the world in a way that I never thought I could. Sharing a part of whats inside me with people from all over the world, reaching out to those I know personally and those I will never have the pleasure of meeting. I am happy here just sitting and blogging. Carefully sipping my drink that has by this time cooled down, but sipping makes this moment last longer....and so I gently take my time, blog and sip.

Thakoon long top
$1,495 -

Blue pants
$43 -

Wedge shoes
$4,245 -

Valentino handbag
$2,895 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watches sparkle jewelry
£150 -

Deborah Pagani 18 karat gold ring
$9,860 -

CC SKYE pave jewelry
$350 -

Dreams Greets London face jewelry
£145 -

18k jewelry
$21,605 -

Jigsaw silver crystal ring
£59 -

Mimco studded jewelry
£40 -

Alexander Wang logo sunglasses
$369 -

110 DKK -

NARS Pago Pago Lipstick
$24 -

Prada 2.7 Oz Eau De Parfume Deluxe
$115 -

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