Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Faux Hawk

There is something about a faux hawk on a fashionista that is so bold and absolutely wonderful to me. It speaks to my inner 90's rocker child or something! But these are pictures from the Armani Prive show and as you can see this is a delicate and lovely twist on the very avant garde hair style. 

First you could pull the hair from the front forward to separate it from the rest of your hair and then pull the rest of your other hair up into one or multiple little pony tails in the middle of your head or down the middle of your head. Then tease the front hair (that you originally had separated) so it is not see through= hiding the under pony tail/s. Another idea would be to add clip in hair extensions to this front section of your hair if you would like to add some length and volume. 

Then you can pull it all back into one big puny tail. Or you can let the hair flow down your back. 
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Then add flair. You can put a flower if you have a bun like this one. You can braid it, and maybe even braid in extensions to make it longer and thicker. Or let it flow free down your back. Armani has decided to tie the hair in a knot for this lovely model!
And Viola, you can make a very extreme style, like a Mohawk and soften the look a little to give it a completely new twist! Tres Chic! No?

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