Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Makeup

Here are some inspiring pictures for Halloween makeup. You can add a twist of your own and modify these looks to accentuate your unique All Hallows Eve look. I say that makeup is the most important finishing touch to any costume/look, especially for women. Take your time, make sure it looks good and pay attention to the detail. Because people are going to be examining your look, it is a night for people watching. Get the details right! Then take lots of pictures :) (If you would like you can send them to me and I will post an entry on readers Halloween looks)
Here are some amazing looks: 
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 Any finishing touches like the ones in this picture would make a blah costume amazing! You could be Mother Nature, or a Mermaid, or a Fairy, or Alien. Love how she played with color and then put some sparkle to it too! I am getting ideas for my costume right now!

This is a video of one of my favorite YouTube make up artists. She is so very good at what she does, she is sweet and interesting to watch. Check her out! She has some great Halloween ideas!!!
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Or you can play it up with some amazing, over-the-top lashes! Love!

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This look is perfect for many different costumes! LOVE IT! Notice the detail of the star shaped mole?!?! Awesome-ness!

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I normally don't like makeup like this, but I had to post this one. The use of color is awesome and this is what I am talking about when I say do it once and do it right. The attention to detail is insane and makes all the difference!
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This inspires me in so many ways. You can add anything to your face with Duo eyelash adhesive(that stuff is a god send!) If you are a rag doll you can add buttons, if you are a fish you can add scales with reflective plastic paper, if you are an alien you can do something like this! Super Fun!

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Or if you do your makeup like this, no one is going to notice what you are dressed up as...they are going to be mesmerized by your look! I love this make up and the play with the yellow and green colors! Yah, she looks so incredibly photo shopped that she almost looks like a cartoon, but you get the idea :)

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Someone knew the 1920's lips when they did this lovely ladies makeup. I am loving it! And notice how they played with the lashes and made her eyes look bigger by placing the underneath lash strip a little lower from her lash line?!?! I am ready for Halloween now! Cant wait!

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Here is an amazing example of how you can make an entire look with just makeup. I am loving how she played with the bottom lash line! Its unreal : )

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Or you can add a very Gothic twist to a very girlie look and take some notes from Hollywood! 
The best advice I can give to complete your makeup look is to print out a picture so that you can remember all the details. I am telling you that it will make all the difference in the world! 

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