Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Shenanigans

Hello my Blog Followers and Readers. Today is the one day a week where I search the internet and bring you some of the most amazing, creative and inspiring photo's I can scrimmage up. I hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading, thank you for following and sharing my blog with others! I am at a 49ers football game in San Francisco with my sweetheart today. I hope your Sunday is filled with peace and wonderful fashion that makes you feel like the room lights up when you walk into it! Or PJ's, sometimes on a lazy Sunday, that is just what a girl needs! Am I right?!?! 
This dress is so theatrical it is past the realm of reality in a way. And that is one reason why I love couture so much, it takes us past the idea of reality and how that comes into play with fashion!  photo courtesy of:
Inspiring Make up and hair! Idea for Halloween!!!Photo courtesy of:
These colors are so incredibly rich and wonderful you could use this one picture as fashion inspiration for the entire winder season all on its own! Armani Prive, photo courtesy of:
I adore this eye liner idea of having it wing out from top and bottom, leaving an edgy like quality instead of a vintage look that traditionally happens with winged liner! Photo courtesy of:
Absolutely Beautiful! Photo courtesy of:
Katrantzou Dress, Photo Courtesy of:
This is what fashion is all about: She looks like she is having so much fun! Her hair is perfection because it is imperfect. I think her eye liner might be purposefully uneven. And she seems to be at ease and just enjoying her moment.  photo courtesy of:
Knits are especially inspiring for me this season! They don't have to be incredibly expensive and you can make them yourself or for others. But the texture brings such a rich quality that adds a cozy feeling for the coming cold weather! photo courtesy of:
For me this season, it is going to be all about the subtle details. The unusual design that would usually go unnoticed if it wasn't for its incredibly never seen before design quality. Siriano Shoes, photo courtesy of: /

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