Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fashion on Display

I absolutely adore the idea of having an entire wardrobe dedicated to my most precious and lovely shoes! I love this idea because the interior decorator in me loves to have things neatly put away, you can just shut the doors and, voila. I also love this picture because the shoes are to die for! But this picture is also inspiration for me because this is a wonderful DIY idea, you can customize a wardrobe like this and make it just right. And something I love to do---customize, refinish and refresh old furniture to make it new and delicious! LOVE this and want one for my own!

Above photo's courtesy of:
Okay, #1, I want these articles of clothing for myself! I have no idea who they are from, but I am in LOVE! And second...I am a complete sucker for antique french furniture, especially an over sized wardrobe closet! I could stare at this picture for hours. This picture unites my inner fashion geek and interior design geek in holy wonderful-ness!

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